• Melinda Priest

Following HIS Lead

I pray you had a beautiful Christmas and a Happy New Year!  At this time of year, many of us set goals for the future. We dream and plan and I believe this is a healthy practice.  However, when our new dreams take us down a new road the journey ahead can be somewhat daunting.  I am always comforted by the Word of God that reminds me I am not on this road alone.   This morning I was reading in the book Streams from the Desert, written in 1928 by Mrs/ Charles Cowman.   "He said, "I will lead on softly (Gen.33:14)." "For ye have not passed this way heretofore" (Josh. 3:4). "We have not passed this way heretofore, but the Lord Jesus has.  It is all untrodden and unknown ground to us, but He knows it all by personal experience."  The Lord knows the way we are to take every day,  Let's walk into this new year following HIS lead.  We are so excited that God is planting Awaken City Church in 2019!  We continue to covet your prayers for wisdom and especially that Holy Spirit would draw a diverse launch team together for this new work.   Happy New Year!! 

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