• Melinda Priest

Six months later...

When I look at this picture it feels like a lifetime ago. This family picture was taken in December of last year. We had an infant and a fifth grader and we were praying about where God was calling our family. In April, we discovered that He was calling us to the great city of Boston and to the neighborhood of Jamaica Plain. We have now lived in the neighborhood for six months and I have discovered a few things...

I love this city and I love this neighborhood.

I love their heart for community and justice.

I love how the arts are celebrated.

I love that people from all over the world live here.

I love being able to walk to local restaurants and public transportation.

I love sharing the love of my teacher, Jesus, with anyone who is interested in a faith conversation.

I love realizing that I still have so much to learn about this great city and it's beautiful people.

What do you love about your city?

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