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Thankful for Phil

I can hardly believe the date on the calendar! I am not sure if you feel as I do, but I keep asking myself, "How are we already at Thanksgiving week????" In the past two months, my family and I have been busy acclimating to a new neighborhood and trying to find our new rhythm. Thank you for your faithfulness in prayer, even though we have not been in touch as much as we had hoped. We will do better in the future at keeping you informed. If you are not already on our prayer team, please go on our website: and click on the prayer page. We have updated our prayer requests and praises!

This past weekend was our son Tyler's 12th birthday. His heart has been opened to the individuals in our town that find themselves dealing with homelessness. On the morning of his birthday, our family partnered with another church in our area and volunteered to help serve breakfast and engage in conversation with some of our new friends. During our time, a man named Phil took Ty by the hand and asked him to sit with him. He told Ty it was important that he honors his mother and father. He told Ty that this was a Ten Commandment he did not follow and he wished he had. He also told him how important it was for him to look out for his little brother. Phil's younger brother had been murdered twenty years earlier and he missed him terribly. As I watched the two interact, I found myself so thankful for Phil. He had not let his circumstances define him. He loves Jesus and saw an opportunity that morning to speak life into my son, even though we were there to serve him. Who is God calling you to speak life into today?

In this week of Thanksgiving, we want to express again how deeply thankful we are for all of you! God is moving and we feel humbled to join Him where He is already at work!

Melinda, Jason, Tyler, & Joseph

We recently had the opportunity to attend our nephews wedding in Virginia. The boys are growing up fast! Tyler will be taller than me soon!

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